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What we do

CCTV Installs, Repairs, Upgrades Category

CCTV helps deter crime and vandalism, it can also provide footage following an incident.

Alarm Installs, Repairs, Upgrades Category

Intruder Alarms can provide protection to any premises, domestic or commercial.

Video Doorbell Installs, Repairs, Upgrades Category

See and speak to whoever is at your front door, whether you are home or not.

Security Lighting Installs, Repairs, Upgrades Category

Illuminate your garden, driveway or business premises to help deter would be trespassers.

TV Bracket Installs, Repairs, Upgrades Category

A solution for any room any where. We'll secure your pride and joy to a wall, ceiling or joist.

Wired and Wireless Networking Installers

Professional WiFi solutions, structured cabling and wireless bridge installation.

PAT Testers Sandwell

Once testing is complete you will receive a copy of your report via e-mail, usually on the same day.

Intercom Systems

Intercoms with built in cameras and indoor screens. We can also link these to your mobile device.

Subcontract Engineers

We offer international subcontract services for CCTV and wired/wireless network installations.

Keiron Cheesbrough Ltd Logo Keiron Cheesbrough Ltd

Installers of CCTV systems, Intruder Alarms, Video Doorbells and more. Based in Sandwell, West Midlands.

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