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If you need one or one hundred network cables installed, we are here to help. We can route, patch and test Cat5e and Cat6a cable. Our wireless solutions ensure maximum coverage throughout your home or business.

  • Cable Routing
  • Patching & Testing
  • Wireless Network Extensions
  • Equipment Installation

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Wireless Networking

Fast, Secure & Reliable WiFi Coverage.

We use new mesh WiFi technology to deliver great WiFi by combining multiple units, which work together seamlessly, to provide fast, strong WiFi for everyone in your family in a way traditional routers and range extenders can’t.

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WiFi Network Installers
WiFi Network Installers

Wired Networking

Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a Cabling

We provide copper cabling installation, port patching, termination and testing. Dedicated ethernet for your PC, Smart TV, PS4/XBOX or Sky Q box(s). Our services also extend to HDMI, USB and IR over ethernet.

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